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The 12 Lessons of Digital Nomad Christmas

The 12 Lessons of Digital Nomad Christmas

With Christmas, the New Year, and the end of the decade just a few days away, I found myself looking back on the last year like many of us do. It was a big year for me, I was the first person in my family to ever step foot in Asia, I grew professionally to a level I...

How Remote Work Could Blow Up The Cincinnati Startup Scene

How Remote Work Could Blow Up The Cincinnati Startup Scene

A few weeks ago I decided to attend an event at Cintrifuse where the new director of the incubator, Pete Blackshaw, was hosting a Q and A to answer questions about his vision for the start-up community and the city. While listening to his vision I couldn’t help but...

What are you doing wrong?

This is the question I asked myself when I read about workers and companies who experimented with remote work and failed.

From the moment I heard about the digital nomad movement and remote work, I knew that’s how I wanted to live my life. I surrounded myself with people already working remotely or even running entire companies while on the road and killing it.

So what were my friends doing right, that others were doing wrong?

That Remote Life is my attempt to understand and record what makes an employee, freelancer, or company successful in a remote setting so you don’t have to choose between an amazing lifestyle and career achievements.

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