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Want to build a location independent business while traveling the world as a digital nomad?

If so, then you’re in the right place.

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We help corporate runaways build and grow profitable and rewarding online businesses using the skills they already have!

As a training program and community we believe that what you need to be successful is not more information, but execution and real world experience. We publish monthly case studies of real online businesses so you can see EXACTLY how other people just like quit the cubicle and live life on their terms!

The 🎙Podcast

Learn how to launch a successful location independent business, quit the cubicle, and live life on your terms! Every week I interview online entrepreneurs, or the top thought leaders in the fields of business, global citizenship, and the Information Age.

The YouTube Channel

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I publish a new video on my YouTube channel. We start the week off with a Live breakdown of the top digital nomad & business news, followed by a video version of my Podcast interview, and we finish the week off with a video essay discussing topics related to global citizenship, online business, or the Information Revolution

Current 🚀Projects

🎙 TRL Podcast

YouTube videos and Podcast episodes every Monday and Thursday. Every Monday I interview a successful location independent professional or entrepreneur to understand their story and serve as inspiration for others.

Thursdays are for a series we call Deep Dive Thursday where I focus on a single topic (by myself or an expert guest) so you can learn, grow, and build your dream lifestyle.

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✉️ Remote Insider

Inspired by newsletters such as The Hustle and Morning Brew, Nomad Weekly is the first high-quality newsletter created specifically for digital nomads, global citizens, and location-independent entrepreneurs.

Sent out every Monday, each email includes the most important news affecting digital nomads from around the world, info about upcoming conferences and events, educational articles, crypto news, and much more!

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Welcome Home!

I heard the term “digital nomad” for the first time in 2015 and it was a Pandora’s Box that showed me the life I’ve always imagined, but didn’t know how to achieve. I instantly became obsessed with the idea of being location independent, building an online business, and becoming a global citizen living in my favorite places around the world.

I started That Remote Life to serve as THE place online for digital nomads and location independent entrepreneurs. Through my Podcast, I’ve interviewed over 100 digital nomad professionals and entrepreneurs and on my YouTube channel I share the lessons I’ve learned after 5 years working with 6 and 7 figure businesses while traveling the world.

In 2020 I launched Remote Insider, a high quality, The Hustle style newsletter for digital nomads and location independent entrepreneurs to serve as a one-stop shop for all the news you need to stay in the know.

Ready to build the online business of your dreams so you can take control of your life and become a global citizen?

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