TRS 033: How to Join The #VanLife Movement as a Digital Nomad with Breanne Acio

TRS 033: How to Join The #VanLife Movement as a Digital Nomad with Breanne Acio

Today on the podcast I am joined by Breanne Acio, the co-founder and CEO of The VanLife app which is dedicated to helping vanlifers connect with one another and find all the resources they need on the road all in one place.

During this interview Breanne and I dove in deep on what made Breanne and her wife Lacey begin traveling around the country and living in a van and how that experience inspired them to start their two businesses – the VanLife App and SD Camper Vans which converts regular vans into livable vans for customers.

We also talked about Breanne’s experience as a non-technical founder, the often winding journey that is entrepreneurship, and Breanne’s experience building and running a remote team. And because this wouldn’t be a proper vanlife episode without it, we also spoke about the general vanlife lifestyle and some of Breanne’s top tips for what type of van to buy, what sort of layout to use for a comfortable working spot, and how to get WiFi anywhere in the country.

What You’ll Learn

  • What made Breanne and her wife build their first van
  • Why Breanne decided to start a business converting vans
  • How Breanne and Lacey have used their influencer status in the vanlife community to grow their businesses
  • How Breanne & Lacey generated extra revenue by renting out their vans
  • What the experience of selling a business was like and why Breanne and Lacey decided to sell the assets of the business as opposed to the actual business in order to turn a larger profit
  • What it has been like to build a tech business as a non-tech founder
  • Breanne’s tips on finding a CTO for your company as a non technical founder
  • How the VanLife App makes money
  • Breanne’s experience running a remote team
  • How Breanne is able to juggle working on multiple projects and businesses and how to recognize burnout
  • How Breanne and Lacey manage their business and personal relationship
  • The best van models and layouts for remote workers looking to join the vanlife
  • How to equip your van with internet so you can work just about anywhere

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