TRL 082: Kicked Out of Her Country for Being a Digital Nomad with Esther Jacobs

Today on the podcast I am joined by Esther Jacobs who is one of the most impressive people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. In the early 2000s she started a non-profit organization which helped raise over 16 million euros for charity, she is one of the youngest people to be knighted in the Netherlands, has published over 30 books, and for the last couple of years has made news because the Dutch government renounced her citizenship for being a digital nomad.

During this interview, we discuss what led the Dutch government to renounce her citizenship, why she decided to stand her ground and fight for the rights of nomads, and where she sees the future of the relationship between global citizens and countries is headed.


What You’ll Learn

  • How Esther became one of the youngest people ever knighted in the Netherlands
  • Why the Dutch government ultimately decided to revoke her citizenship
  • What you can do to avoid losing your home country citizenship
  • How Esther ended up becoming a contestant on Survivor and what she learned from the experience
  • How her charity helped Esther become a digital nomad?
  • What countries offer a digital nomad visa
  • How countries need to react to accommodate digital nomads

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