TRL 089: Flatio – The Best Place to Find a Home as a Digital Nomad with Radim Rezek

Today on the podcast I am joined by Radim Rezek, the founder and CEO of Flatio a mid-term rental platform based in Europe that is making finding a place to live as a digital nomad easier and more affordable. Unlike Airbnb, Flatio specializes in mid-term rentals which are apartment rentals longer than 2 weeks, but less than 1 year. And because Flatio is designed with professionals and digital nomads in mind their listings highlight things like the availability of a kitchen, washer, and also quality of WiFi.

As someone who normally travels for the majority of the year, I have personally experienced how difficult it can be to find good apartments at a good price so I was very excited to talk with Radim about his experience building Flatio, how they are developing the platform to make it especially great for digital nomads, and what we as a community can expect from Flatio in the future.

What You’ll Learn

  • Brno, Czechia for digital nomads

  • Cost of living in Brno as opposed to Prague

  • What is Flatio

  • How Radim ended up starting Flatio after working in student real estate

  • Lessons for new entrepreneurs

  • How to manage shiny object syndrome

  • How Flatio is serving the mid-term rental market

  • Benefits of using Flatio vs Airbnb as a digital nomad

  • How COVID has affected Flatio

  • Flatio & NomadX merger

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