10 Can’t Miss Things To Do in Sozopol Bulgaria

by Sep 11, 2018

10 Can’t Miss Things To Do in Sozopol Bulgaria

by | Sep 11, 2018

Sozopol is a small town on the southern coast of Bulgaria, just 30 minutes south of the bustling port city of Burgas. It is a quaint little town with thousands of years of history spilling out onto the cobblestone streets.

The houses are built into the rocky cliffs that make up the peninsula, and from just about any place in the old town you have a sea view that would leave any HGTV House Hunters participant speechless. Here are 10 things you shouldn’t leave Sozopol before trying.

Walk the Sozopol streets at night


Like its more famous cousin town of Nesebar (about an hour north), Sozopol is made up of dozens of small cobblestone streets that intertwine around the peninsula. The streets are littered with narrow houses made of stone and wood that are synonymous with old Bulgarian architecture. The difference between Sozopol and Nesebar, however, is in the calmness you feel as you stroll the streets.

As a Unesco Heritage site, Nesebar is filled with tourists year-round, and you will find it hard to find a quiet corner for yourself. Sozopol on the hand has all the beauty of it’s more famous counterpart, with half the tourists. When the sun goes down, don’t miss the opportunity to leave your hotel and take an aimless walk around the town’s streets. It is a lovely experience that all visitors should have.

Snorkel among the cliffs


On a calm sunny day, you can make your way to the rocky beach between the Doctor’s House restaurant and the ancient ruins of the medieval monastery St. Apostles, where the rock formations just off the beach have created a perfect place to observe life below the waves. The water is not deep, and there are several natural coves that are perfect for some leisurely snorkeling.

When you get tired from snorkeling and swimming grab a beach towel and set it up on one of the warm black cliffs scattered around the beach. This makes for a nice place to enjoy the warm rays of the sun. I suggest pairing this experience with a cold beer!

Cliff jump from the monastery


The St. Apostles Monastery located in the northeast corner of the peninsula is not just an archeological landmark, it is also a perfect place to embrace your inner daredevil for some cliff jumping. When the water is calm you will often see local kids and tourists alike using this spot to cliff jump. The cliffs themselves are not that high, so even if you are dipping your toes into cliff jumping for the first time you should be fine.

If the main cliffs are too much for you at first, there several rock formations just off the coast that are a bit shorter, but still make for fun jumps as long as you don’t mind a short climb. Either way, make sure you are careful since the rocks can be slippery when wet.

Enjoy the seafood


In Sozopol, it feels like everyone is a fisherman, and for good reason. Fish and other sea creatures are plentiful in the warm waters around the peninsula which means that there is a high probability that what you’re eating at a restaurant in the evening was caught just a few hours earlier.

Do not leave Sozopol without tasting a wide variety of seafood like Sea Bass, Mackerel, Barboon, and for those looking for a truly unique seafood meal there are few fish as delicious as Zargana. At many restaurants, you will also find haiver, a lovely spread made from caviar which makes for the perfect appetizer when paired with a nice strong drink. The mussel salad is another delicacy that shouldn’t be skipped.

Go on a 21st century guided street tour


While walking around Sozopol you will likely spot a strange sign on many light posts that looks like a WiFi symbol. Unfortunately, this sign isn’t letting you know that there is free WiFi in the whole town, it is, however, part of the self-guided tour system of Sozopol.

The entire town of Sozopol is set up in an intricate system of beacons that together create a guided tour of the city for those with the right app. This system allows anyone to walk the streets of Sozopol on their own and learn more about its history and the dozens of amazing secrets the town holds.

Try the best Crepes EVER!


Crepes, or as they are known in Bulgaria – Palachinki, are a famous desert in Sozopol, and there is no place better to enjoy them than the Workshop of The Happy Crepes on Kiril and Metodi street, just a few yards from the Outdoor Theater.

Here you can try classics such as crepes filled with chocolate or honey. You can also go for one of the more interesting combinations that have made this crepe shop famous. I recommend trying the green fig jam (something Sozopol is famous for) and mint, or the wonderfully delicious Blueberry Jam, Cream Cheese, and Basil crepe which will completely blow your socks off. It did mine!

Watch a movie at the Outdoor Theater


If you wander past the center of Sozopol you will surely come upon the summer Outdoor Theater. The theater plays only two showings every night after the sun sets, and is a wonderful summer-time experience.

A ticket is 9BGN ($5.35) per person and the movie line up is regularly updated with new releases. While enjoying the movies you will be able to look around and see lots of lovely architecture along with the odd seagull or two that flies in the way of the projector interrupting an important scene, but hey, that’s what it’s all about!

Drink some (or a lot) of wine


When you think of great wine the mind wanders to France and the rolling hills of the Napa valley, but those in the know are fully aware of the undiscovered treasure trove of wine that is available in Bulgaria. Many Bulgarian are small and produce varieties of wine you can’t find anywhere else in the world, and best of are very affordable.

Just across the street from the Outdoor Theater is a small converted garage which now sells a wide selection of wines from across Bulgaria, or a small ever-changing selection of “draft” wine. A glass of draft wine will cost you only 4BGN ($2.38), while a full bottle will set you back 10BGN ($5.94). For an even more impressive wine selection and a perfect Instagram shot head over to the Boutique Wine Shop on Apolonia St. Here you can find some truly unique wine varieties for around 40BGN($23) or just enjoy another glass of rose while people watching in the lovely space outside.

Go fig picking


Like I mentioned earlier, Sozopol is famous for its green fig jam, and that’s because the whole town is covered in fig trees. Take a stroll down any street and you will come across dozens of trees, and depending on what time of year you come they will be full of juicy ripe figs.

The best time of the year for fig picking is towards the end of August or the beginning of September. At this time of the year, the figs will start to change color from green to a soft purple, at which point they are ready to pick. Wake up early in the morning, grab a basket, and take a leisurely walk down the cobblestone streets. Don’t come back until the basket is full of delicious figs.

Take in the history


Sozopol is the first settlement on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, dating back thousands of years, and as such there are lots of amazing historical sites to check out. Start out by heading to the newly renovated Church of St. Cyril and Methodius which is at the beginning of the old town and is easily recognizable with its golden dome.

Next check out the selection of ships exhibited just next to the church, that depict the historical fishing boats that were popular in the area. After you take in the beauty of the church head towards the beach and from there go north and you will find yourself walking on the Southern Wall of Sozopol. This wall dates back to the Roman Empire and has been restored with great care.

There are so many archeological sites in and around Sozopol that this post would go on for a long time if I tried to list them all. My recommendation is to simply head out your door and start walking around the town. Read the signs and learn more about all the history this town holds, when you get tired, grab a delicious crepe, and perhaps a glass of wine. What could be better than that?


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