TRL 070: Create an Amazing Life and Business by Working Remotely with TEDx Speaker Sam Kern

TRL 070: Create an Amazing Life and Business by Working Remotely with TEDx Speaker Sam Kern


Today on the podcast I am joined by Sam Kern, a digital nomad, speaker, and host of the Radically Different podcast. Earlier in the year Sam’s TEDx Talk titled “The Surprising Power of Remote Work” went viral and I think the reason for that is that hit a “nerve” if you want to call it that of what makes the digital nomad movement so amazing.

In the TED talk, Sam talks about his experience starting work remotely as a digital nomad and the huge freedom it gave him to not only travel and experience new cultures but identify with better accuracy what he wanted to spend his time doing.

During this interview, we discussed in more detail his experience becoming a digital nomad after he was exposed to a movement on a 3-week backpacking trip to South East Asia and how he was able to start making an income online within just a few weeks.

We dove deep on talking about the movement in general, how to use it to build an amazing business and lifestyle, and where we think it’s going in the future.

What You’ll Learn

  • Living in Montana during the pandemic.
  • The best way to start Freelancing.
  • What Digital Nomadism means to Sam Kern and when he first heard about it.
  • Staying in Vietnam for the first time, and finding work there.
  • Why environment matters when working.
  • Figuring out the best travel destinations as a digital nomad.
  • Finding your passion versus building your passion and how Sam defines passion.
  • What Sam Kern does for a living currently and how he found that opportunity.
  • What we can expect from the digital nomad scene in the future.

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