TRL 074: Why Base in Bansko, Bulgaria and Become an EU Resident with Uwe Allgauer

I have a super fun interview for you today because my guest Uwe Allgauer, totally possible that I butchered that last name, sorry Uwe. Uwe is the co-founder of Coworking Bansko and the founder of Nomad Sailing Retreat and My Start Bulgaria.

I had a ton of fun talking with Uwe about why he decided to base himself from the small mountain town of Bansko in Bulgaria and open up coworking space there with the help of his co-founder Matthias, who by the way has also been on the show way back in episode 22. We also got to talk about some of Uwe’s other entrepreneurial pursuits like the Nomad Sailing Retreat, a week-long adventure for Digital Nomads, Entrepreneurs, and location-independent people who help sail a boat in some of the most beautiful parts of Europe, and Uwe’s newest company My Start Bulgaria through which he is helping people establish businesses and a residency in Bulgaria in order to acquire some really great benefits like a low level of taxation and access to the European Union. Of course, I can’t have another fellow fan on Bulgaria without talking about why Bulgaria is a great place for digital nomads so there is plenty of that conversation as well.

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What You’ll Learn

  • What Bansko, Bulgaria, is like right now.
  • What Coworking Bansko is.
  • Why Uwe went to Bulgaria to work.
  • What it was like starting up a co-working space in Bulgaria.
  • How the locals are reacting to digital nomads visiting.
  • Uwe’s passion for sailing and the benefits it can provide.
  • What MyStartBulgaria is.
  • Why people get citizenship in Bulgaria and what the process is.
  • Why Bulgaria should be a Homebase for a business.
  • What some of the potential negative things about Bulgaria are.

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