TRS 010: How to Run a Cleaning Business as a Digital Nomad with Neel Parekh from MaidThis

TRS 010: How to Run a Cleaning Business as a Digital Nomad with Neel Parekh from MaidThis

Neel Parekh is the CEO and founder of MaidThis which is a West Coast-based cleaning company specifically focused on the AirBnB market. MaidThis employs cleaners who go to AirBnB properties and cleans them in preparation for the next guest. The reason this is so incredible is that even though this is very much an “in person” type of business Neel has been able to structure it in such a way that a lot of his staff are still distributed, and he has been able to run this business over the last few years while traveling around the world.

What You’ll Learn

  • How Neel’s previous job at a venture capital firm helped him start his current business
  • How Reddit helped Neel start MaidThis
  • Why Neel decided to niche down into AirBnB cleanings
  • How MaidThis has been structured so it functions remotely
  • How Neel has actually been able to strengthen his company’s product by hiring a remote team
  • Where Neel finds his remote employees and the process he uses to make sure he is hiring the right people
  • What Neel’s day to day life is like running MaidThis and why timezone differences can actually be a good thing
  • Neel’s favorite digital nomad destinations
  • Should you start your business remotely from day 1 or start local?
  • Neel’s top tips for aspiring location independent entrepreneurs
  • The future of MaidThis and remote local businesses

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