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Today on the podcast I am joined by Julia Jerg to discuss a topic I know nothing about but have received a lot of questions recently – living as a digital nomad with kids. Julia and her partner are full-time nomads with 2 young boys. Both of their kids are not only being raised as digital nomads, but were in fact born as digital nomads because by the time Julia got pregnant for the first time her and her partner had been nomading for 5 years!

So, in this episode, I got to ask Julia about what it’s like to be a digital nomad with children. How she met her partner while traveling full time and why they decided to have kids. We also talked about what it’s like to be pregnant and traveling full time, how to decide where in the world to give birth, traveling with young kids, schooling, and much much more. If you are a parent who wants to explore the digital nomad lifestyle with your young ones, or are a digital nomad and thinking about having kids, this episode will answer many of your questions

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What You’ll Learn

  • What it’s like to be a digital nomad with kids
  • What it’s like to be pregnant and traveling full-time
  • How to decide where in the world to give birth
  • Advice for traveling with young kids
  • How Julia met her partner while traveling
  • Would Julia recommends giving birth in your home country or abroad?
  • How Julia’s kids are reacting to the digital nomad lifestyle
  • Why having nomadic parents can be a huge benefit for children
  • School and educating your kids while traveling.
  • How kids can stay in touch with the friends they’ve made when moving around
  • How to deal with family conflict surrounding traveling
  • How to juggle work and family while traveling.
  • Can productivity be linked to raising children?
  • What are Julia’s plans for the future

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