TRL 106: Coaching Call – “How Do I Scale My Agency and Enable My Dream Lifestyle?” with Katie Greenstone

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Today’s episode is actually a coaching call with my friend Katie Greenstone. About a year ago Katie decided to leave her job at a large corporation and start her own agency called Go-Market G focused on helping brands with their social media strategy, something Katie has been extremely passionate about for a while.

She quickly brought on several clients but now almost a year later finds herself at a crossroads and struggling to figure out how to scale her services beyond just herself. She reached out to me a few weeks ago and wanted to get my opinion on the matter and after some back and forth we decided to actually record our conversation just in case it is helpful for any of you guys listening.

If you listen to this episode and would also like to work with me to help build your service business check out my new coaching page.

I have a few coaching spots open at the moment so if you are someone that wants to transition from a corporate job to working for yourself, or if you are already a freelancer or service business owner looking to scale your business then definitely check that page out and let’s make some progress.

What You’ll Learn

  • How Katie ended up at her corporate job after college and her experience there
  • How Katie got into social media
  • Katie’s service offerings and client desires
  • How Katie is finding new clients
  • Katie’s vision for her business and what she wants from it
  • Should niche down and how to do so
  • How to define and attract your ideal client
  • How to determine what services to offer, and what services to cut
  • How to develop brand relationships, establish referral fees, and make money off services you don’t offer
  • When and how to bring on a team member
  • How to utilize productized services into your service offerings

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