TRS 012: How to Build a $300K a Year Niche Affiliate Business with Matt Giovanisci

TRS 012: How to Build a $300K a Year Niche Affiliate Business with Matt Giovanisci

Today I am joined on the podcast by Matt Giovanisci who is an entrepreneur and creative with a wide range of skills which he has used to grow his website into the top resource for pool and hot tub owners on the internet, which is how I actually first found him way back when I was still working as a lifeguard, and that’s a story we actually dive into on this episode.

Through his parent company, Ace Media, Matt has started and sold multiple businesses ranging from niche affiliate sites to SaaS (Software as a Service) and we get into how he has been able to do all of that in this episode.

If you are someone who has many different interests and has difficulty focusing on just one project this is not an episode you want to miss because we also dive into how Matt has been able to juggle multiple projects and how it has actually been key to his success.

What You’ll Learn

  • How Matt got started in the pool industry and how he came around to starting
  • How getting fired from his 9 to 5 helped Matt build SwimUniversity
  • The amount of traffic that SwimUniversity receives and what that translates to in terms of revenue
  • How Matt had to change his lifestyle in order to focus 100% on his business
  • Matt’s biggest motivation for his business
  • How not working on Swim University helped grow it 3x
  • Matt’s SEO strategy for continued growth
  • How to deal with shiny object syndrome and how to make sure it’s always beneficial   
  • Matt’s strategy about coming up with business ideas
  • How Matt made $7000 in one month from a site that he never made any content for
  • How Matt sold Roasty Coffee for over $54,000 after only 2 years
  • Matt’s plan for selling his new software Lasso and how to get to 15,000 in monthly recurring revenue in 6 months
  • The hilarious marketing video Matt made based for his affiliate marketing course based on a sex hotline


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