TRS 013: Bootstrapping a Location Independent Agency with Quinn Zeda

TRS 013: Bootstrapping a Location Independent Agency with Quinn Zeda

Today on the podcast I am joined by Quinn Zada, the founder and CEO of Zeda Labs, a branding and web development agency that is fully remote and specializes in helping 7-figure online businesses increase revenue by building websites that convert. If you’ve ever taken a Meyers Briggs test online it’s very likely that you’ve seen Quinn’s work since her team are the people behind the design and branding of the massively popular 16 Personalities website, and helped increased their revenue by… wait for it…560%!

Quinn is not a newbie to the location independent scene and has been a digital nomad for more than a decade and visited over 35 countries and in this episode she shared not only her story, but also some great tips and strategies that’s gathered through her journey. You’ll learn all about how she bootstrapped her business as recent college graduate, how she has been able to create a steady stream of clients, and what the most important skill for you to have as a location independent worker and entrepreneur is. We also got to chat about her favorite places in the world to base herself from and why having a fully remote team has been very advantageous to her business.

What You’ll Learn

  • The idea behind the 16Personalities website
  • How a tour of an ad agency changed Quinn’s life trajectory
  • Why Quinn decided to start a business straight out of art school
  • How Quinn got her first clients off eLance (now Upwork)
  • What the largest source of leads for Quinn’s business is
  • Why Quinn decided to start building a remote team
  • The number one thing Quinn looks for when hiring and why it’s not skills!
  • Why the most important skill you should focus on as a freelancer is dependability and communication
  • Why the biggest struggle to growing Quinn’s business has been herself
  • How Quinn is transitioning from working in the business to working on her business
  • Why bringing on new people to your team is so difficult to do
  • How Quinn manages having to give feedback on multiple projects
  • Why Quinn’s business only works with one client at a time
  • How Quinn manages shiny object syndrome within her company
  • How Quinn uses user testing for clients and why she’s developing that as a service with Conversion Crimes
  • How Quinn uses her location independence to tailor to the lifestyle she wants at that moment
  • Why having a location independent company has actually been a benefit to Quinn’s company
  • Quinn’s favorite spots as a digital nomad

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