TRS 015: Traveling Europe for 4 Months with Sarah Graves

TRS 015: Traveling Europe for 4 Months with Sarah Graves

On this episode of That Remote Show, I am joined by none other than my girlfriend and travel partner Sarah Graves. We decided to sit down and record this podcast in the middle of our move from our apartment because we are leaving for 4 months of travel in Europe. During our conversation we talked about all the places we are going to, how we score ridiculously cheap flight ($150 to London), why decided to stay in the places we are, and also how we manage to stay productive with work while we are on the road.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why Sarah and I are getting rid of our apartment
  • The strategies that Sarah and I use while working online that allow us to be productive while we’re on the road
  • Why working remotely can be a benefit to your productivity
  • Our travel plans and locations while we’re in Europe
  • How Sarah is able to incredibly low ticket prices (like $150 to London)
  • Why our first attempts at taking a Bulgarian road trip failed
  • How we got a $200 discount on our Budapest Airbnb
  • Sarah’s thoughts on solo travel as a girl

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