TRS 016: How to Skyrocket Your Business with Facebook Ads and Funnels with John Ainsworth

TRS 016: How to Skyrocket Your Business with Facebook Ads and Funnels with John Ainsworth

Today on the show I am joined by John Ainsworth, the founder of Data Driven Marketing. John is someone who has worked with tons of clients helping them perfect their Digital marketing and scale their business and in today’s episode we went deep!

We talked about everything from how John manages to stay productive while traveling and why hiring remote employees is such high value to the process John uses to build an email list when you are just getting started and how to create webinars that convert.

If you are trying to build a business online, whether you are selling info products or your own services and are just getting started this is not an episode you want to miss because we covered it all and John did not hold back. This is an episode that you are definitely going to want to check out the resources for since John mentioned lots of books and courses he recommends that will help you market your business.

sWhat You’ll Learn

  • Why John decided to quit his job after attending a talk by Tim Ferris
  • How to transition from your job into your own company and guarantee you’ll be making the same amount as before
  • Why hiring remote employees is such a good strategy for a growing business
  • How finding your “Biological Prime Time” can help you become more productive
  • How John uses journaling to improve his productivity
  • Why meditation is important for entrepreneurs
  • What Tenerife is like for digital nomads
  • The most important types of marketing for your business if you’re just getting started
  • Why starting to build an email list at the very beggining of your business may not be the best idea.
  • How to supercharge your email list when you are ready for it
  • How to create webinars that convert
  • How to create a Facebook funnel for info products that sells.

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