TRS 017: The Fastest Way to Become a Digital Nomad by Teaching English Online with Rachel Story

TRS 017: The Fastest Way to Become a Digital Nomad by Teaching English Online with Rachel Story

On today’s episode you’re going to hear from Rachel Story, a digital nomad who along with her husband has been able to travel all over the world by teaching English online. I really wanted to have Rachel on the show because I think teaching English online is one of the easiest ways to start making money online and Rachel is a total expert on the topic.

We covered the fastest way to get started as an online teacher, how to separate yourself from the rest of the teachers online so you can charge top dollar, and the best places in the world to base yourself as an online English teacher. Make sure you guys check out the resource links below because Rachel was kind enough to give listeners of this show free access to her eBook that goes into great detail on teaching English online.

What You’ll Learn

  • How moving to China got Rachel and Sasha started with teaching English
  • What sort of requirements you need to match to be able to teach English online
  • Why you should get a TEFL or TESL certification before teaching online
  • How having an English accent can effect your online teaching career
  • How to find a job teaching online even if you don’t have a Bachleors degree.
  • How much money you can expect to make working as an English teacher online
  • How to increase your pay per class using bonuses
  • The best way to get your classes booked out consistently
  • What the class lesson plans look like when teaching online with VIPKid
  • How to get started building an amazing resume for teaching online
  • The fastest and best way to get a TEFL certification
  • What a day in the life of an online English teacher online looks like
  • How to create a teaching schedule while traveling
  • The best places to base yourself in the world as an online teacher
  • Why you should sign up for more than one teaching platform

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