TRS 018: Traveling the World As Developers with Nate & Adriana

TRS 018: Traveling the World As Developers with Nate & Adriana

Today’s episode is a little bit different from what you may be used to by now because it was actually recorded in person at one of my favorite beach bars in Varna where I am for the next few weeks called Cubo. My guests for this fun interview were Nate and Adriana who are the couple behind the successful YouTube channel called – Nate and Adriana where they document their digital nomad lifestyle to help inform other people who are also interested in pursuing the lifestyle. Nate and Adrianna also run a successful app development company and have a customer-facing app called NomadBudget which helps travelers keep track of their budget by converting and keeping track of different currencies and expenses.

In our wide-ranging interview, we talked about everything from their favorite Bulgarian dishes to some of the little talked about difficulties with being a digital nomad that are nonetheless important to know if you want to embark on this lifestyle and much much more. I hope you guys enjoy this interview as much I enjoyed recording it! If you like what you hear and want to support the podcast head over to Apple Podcasts and leave the show a review or tell a friends about it, those are the best ways to help and support this podcast.

What You’ll Learn

  • What brought Nate and Adriana to Bulgaria
  • The Bulgarian meals that have stood out for Nate and Adriana
  • What made Nate & Adriana want to become digital nomads
  • How a YouTube channel proved to Nate & Adrianna that they could work and travel sustainably
  • Why being a developer is one of the best ways to become a digital nomad
  • Why you should buy a one way flight before you are completely ready
  • The best ways to learn programming as a beginner
  • The hardships of the digital nomad lifestyle you don’t hear about
  • Why being financially smart and budgeting is so important
  • How Nate & Adrianna started their YouTube channel
  • Nate & Adrianna’s favorite locations
  • The one tip Nate & Adrianna would give others looking to become digital nomads

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