TRS 019: How to Find a Location Independent Job and Double Your Income with Caroline Lloyd

TRS 019: How to Find a Location Independent Job and Double Your Income with Caroline Lloyd

Today on the podcast I am joined by Caroline Lloyd a good friend of mine and someone who I was really excited to have on because she represents a part of the location independent world that I have not yet covered – full-time remote workers. In the past I have always focused on entrepreneurs who have been able to become location independent through their business and that will remain the focus, however I really wanted to have Caroline on so we can hear about the other side of the industry and how you can be a digital nomad and enjoy all the perks of the business while never having to start a business, lose health insurance, and make great money.

In this episode, you will hear about why Caroline decided to quit her high ranking job in New York City to pursue a location independent life, the top tips for finding awesome remote job opportunities, and how she was able to double her income from her previous job. That’s right you guys you don’t need to take a pay cut to become location independent, in fact you could be earning more.

What You’ll Learn

  • What brought Caroline to Bulgaria in the first place
  • Why Caroline felt compelled to quit her high ranking job in New York to travel
  • Why Caroline decided to ultimately pursue remote work
  • Where to find remote work job openings
  • Why building up “remote work experience” is so important and how to do it
  • The difficulties about finding a remote job online
  • Why doing something that you’re interested in is so important when you work remotely
  • Do you need to be a developer to find a remote job?
  • Caroline’s trick for getting infant of job openings before everyone else
  • The difficulties and the benefits of working remotely while traveling
  • Why coworking with other people can be really helpful to you even if you’re in different industries.
  • Why working remotely can advance your caree


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