TRS 002: How Travel Can Make You a Better Entrepreneur with Jason Moore

TRS 002: How Travel Can Make You a Better Entrepreneur with Jason Moore

In this episode, we hear from Jason Moore, the founder of Zero to Travel, one of the most popular travel podcasts on why he started his podcast, how travel has helped him as an entrepreneur, and the lessons he’s learned in growing his location independent business.

What You’ll Learn

  • How Jason’s first job out of college introduced him to the nomadic lifestyle
  • How Jason’s first backing trip to Europe helped him find his “calling”
  • How a chance encounter at a small town bar made him realize that he wanted to interview people for a living
  • How travel has helped Jason in his entrepreneurial journey
  • Why Jason doesn’t consider other podcasters as competition
  • What lessons Jason has learned working remotely and managing a remote team
  • Why you should start a team earlier rather than later
  • Why starting to record your processes as early as possible is critical
  • What Jason’s daily schedule looks like as a location independent entrepreneur
  • Why time zone differences can be a good thing
  • The daily benefits of remote work

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