TRS 020: State of the Business #2 with Ian Hoyt

TRS 020: State of the Business #2 with Ian Hoyt

In this episode of That Remote Show I am joined by my good friend and fellow location independent entrepreneur Ian Hoyt for the second installment of what we are calling “State of the Business”. This episode is a little different to what you may be used to since instead of focusing on a guest and their story we are actually going to dive into the behind the scenes of our own business, how they are doing, and how we plan to grow them.

In this specific episode, we focused a lot on the recent in-person trip that Ian’s company Life Nomading held here in Varna, Bulgaria and some of the lessons we learned running that. We also talked about this podcast and the business behind it and the struggles of running a long term creative business.

What You’ll Learn

  • Lessons learned from running the 2nd Life Nomading trip in Varna, Bulgaria
  • Why influencer marketing has some of the highest ROI in the world of marketing
  • How Life Nomading is using in-person meetups to meet potential customers
  • The statistics behind this podcast and its growth
  • Why it’s really important to understand the “lifecycle” of entrepreneurship
  • The steps Ian and I are taking to grow our location independent businesses

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