TRS 023: Building a Passive Income Stream through Amazon Publishing with Nathan Rose

TRS 023: Building a Passive Income Stream through Amazon Publishing with Nathan Rose

Today on the podcast I am joined by Nathan Rose a digital nomad, entrepreneur, and author who quit his comfortable well paying job as an investment banker to travel the world. In this episode, you’ll learn about how Nathan took the skills he learned at his job and began using them to earn thousands of dollars per month online within just a few weeks. You’ll also hear about how his experience working with clients led him to start his current venture as an author and Amazon Publisher.

During this interview, we mention a lot of resources to help you start an Amazon Publishing business if that’s something you decide you want to learn more about after listening to this podcast along with Nathan’s own books and you can find all of those links in the Resources section below.

What You’ll Learn

  • What made Nathan pick Georgia as a home base after several years of full time nomading
  • Why Nathan decided to quit his job in investment banking and why it was actually pretty easy for him
  • Why Nathan began to travel after leaving work
  • How Nathan was able to start making money online within 4 weeks using his experience from his 9 to 5
  • How Nathan was able to find his first clients
  • How a marketing tactic led Nathan to his next business as a self published on Amazon
  • How Nathan marketed his first book so it quickly gained traction
  • What it takes to rank a book number 1 on Amazon
  • The important lesson Nathan learned from his 2nd book that has given him a competitive advantage in the niches he writes in.
  • Should you write your own books, or hire freelancers to write books for you?
  • What made Nathan start writing a book about digital nomads
  • How to stay longer in Thailand by enrolling in a school
  • How much money you can expect to make per month from an Amazon book
  • Is there still space in the Amazon Self Publishing industry for new writers.

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