TRS 024: Building an Esports Startup and Working Remotely with Matt Litherland

TRS 024: Building an Esports Startup and Working Remotely with Matt Litherland

Today on the podcast I am joined by my friend and fellow Varna fan Matt Litherland. Matt and I met a few years ago while I was living in Varna and since then Matt has gone on to start a very interesting company in the competitive gaming industry called Flytro, helping shed light on how your fitness and health affect your gaming performance.

In this wide-ranging conversation Matt and I talked about the state of competitive gaming, how he got started working in the industry and his winding journey to starting a company along with why Varna, Bulgaria is such a great summer destination for nomads and location independent entrepreneurs.

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What You’ll Learn

  • How Flytro is helping pro gamers understand their health and improve their performance
  • How Matt got involved in the competitive gaming industry
  • The current state of competitive gaming explained and how it works
  • How regular sports teams are investing in the esports industry
  • How Matt transitioned from being a competitive gamer, to working in the industry as a web developer
  • What drove Matt to get a job in tech startup investment and how the lessons he learned there have helped him since
  • Why Matt first came to Bulgaria and why he decided to stay
  • What the entrepreneur and nomad community in Varna is like
  • How Matt is using strategic advisers to grow and legitimize Flytro
  • Where to find the best Liverpool pub in Varna

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