TRS 028: The Journey to Location Independence with Chapin Kreuter

TRS 028: The Journey to Location Independence with Chapin Kreuter

Today on the podcast I am joined by Chapin Kreuter, the host of the Misfits and Rejects podcast and the founder of Surf Progression Techniques, and online school dedicated to helping motivated surfers advance their surfing through online coaching.

Chapin has a very unique journey that has taken him from his home in southern California to playing soccer in Europe and running in person surf camps in Nicaragua. During this interview, Chapin opened up about the struggles he has experienced in becoming location independent that so many other people also face but rarely talk about publicly. He also talked about his big wins like how he was able to grow his email list from 0 to 7000 with just one Facebook ad campaign.

What You’ll Learn

  • What made Chapin start his podcast Misfits and Rejects
  • How Chapin got involved in surfing as a kid
  • Why Chapin burned out in surfing and how that brought him over to Europe for the first time
  • Why Chapin decided to pursue soccer as his way out
  • What made Chapin realize that he needed to level up his life and business
  • Why Chapin decided to pursue coaching surfing online as his niche
  • How a chance encounter in Thailand introduced Chapin to online courses
  • How Chapin learned about the digital nomad movement while helping out the WiFi Tribe in Nicaragua
  • What brought Chapin to Thailand for his first digital nomad trip
  • How Chapin learned to run Facebook ads and later generate 7000 email subscribers from one campaign
  • How Chapin sold his course to his email list and the email sequence he used
  • Chapin’s experience at Chris Reynolds’ “Get Shit Done” retreat and why retreats of this sort are so valuable
  • The future for Chapin and what’s next

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