TRS 032: Dan Andrews From Tropical MBA On Online Business & Entrepreneurship

TRS 032: Dan Andrews From Tropical MBA On Online Business & Entrepreneurship

Today on the podcast I am joined by Dan Andrews, the host of the Tropical MBA podcast and cofounder of the Dynamite Circle and Dynamite Jobs. I’ve been listening to Dan and his cohost Ian on their podcast for years, basically since I became interested in online business so I was very excited for this interview and I gotta be honest guys it did not disappoint.

Dan and his partner Ian have been running online businesses for more than 10 years, starting out back when hiring freelancers online wasn’t as easy as pulling up Upwork. Since then they grown and sold several business, one for over 7 figures, and have started the hugely popular online forum Dynamite Circle which serves to connect successful online business owners. Through their forum they also host DCBKK, an annual event in Bangkok that is frequented by entrepreneurs in the know. Most recently Dan and Ian have launched Dynamite Jobs, a job board for people looking for work opportunities with remote first bootstrapped companies, many of them run by members of their forum.

In this interview Dan and I discussed how they got started in online business, why they decided to head over to South East Asia in search of opportunities, where the idea for the Tropical MBA came from, and why Dan regrets selling their business despite the 7 figure exit. We dove into so many topics during this conversation that I honestly can’t list out here but what I can say is that Dan did not hold back and really opened up about his experience running online businesses for more than a decade.

I really enjoyed recording this episode and I think you guys will enjoy listening to it. If you are digging this podcast please leave a review on iTunes and let me know what you think!

What You’ll Learn

  • Why Dan go involved in road cycling and how it give him an unfair advantage in business
  • How Dan travels today vs when he first became location independent
  • What made Dan become interested in business after college
  • Dan’s first experience running a business and his first touch with remote business
  • Why Dan and his partner Ian decided to go into business together and head to Manila?
  • Where the idea for the Tropical MBA came from
  • Why you should meet the experts you listen to
  • How Dan was able to add value to people more successful than him at the time
  • The difference between a business owner and an entrepreneur
  • Understanding your “exit velocity” as a new entrepreneur
  • Why selling a business isn’t all it’s cracked up to being
  • Understanding the “Lifestyle Ladder” and why money doesn’t behave linearly
  • Why you should stop traveling if you want to build a business
  • What the 10 years of online business will look like…or not!
  • Why building wealth has been an important goal for Dan
  • Why you should hire people early in your business

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