TRS 034: How to Build a $100K+ Digital Nomad Business with Sean Ogle

TRS 034: How to Build a $100K+ Digital Nomad Business with Sean Ogle

In this episode of That Remote Show I am joined by Sean Ogle from Location Rebel. Sean has been an anchor in the location independent movement for close to a decade after he quit his job in finance and moved to Thailand just 2 months later to build his online business. Since then he has built one of the largest communities of digital nomad entrepreneurs at Location Rebel and has helped hundreds of people start an online business.

In this episode we got to talk about why Sean quit his job and how another friend of the pod Dan Andrews of Tropical MBA gave him his first online job. We also talked about how Sean popularized Location Rebel and found his first paying customers, how he started his next 6 figure site Breaking Eighty and why uncertainty can be an entrepreneurs best friend.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why Sean decided to pursue finances while in college
  • How a trip to Rio de Janeiro & the financial crisis drove Sean to quit his job
  • How Sean’s blog helped him get paid to move to Thailand
  • What Sean’s first experiencing working as a digital nomad for the Tropical MBA was like
  • Why Sean started the Location Rebel Academy and how it helps people become location independent
  • How Sean found Location Rebel’s first customers
  • How Sean ended up living in Bali and how the community of entrepreneurs there helped him grow his business
  • How to create an empowering community for yourself
  • Why Sean decided to start his second site Breaking Eighty
  • How to start a successful hobby site
  • Why membership sites are such a great monetization strategy and are far better for the user as well
  • How to juggle multiple projects at the same time
  • Starting out going all in on one thing vs swinging the bat at a lot of things
  • The benefits of location independence and who it’s for
  • What the future of location independence looks like

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