TRS 035: How to Build a 6-Figure Productized Service Business with Dustin Overbeck

TRS 035: How to Build a 6-Figure Productized Service Business with Dustin Overbeck

Today on the podcast I am joined by Dustin Overbeck the founder and CEO of which builds easy to use websites for municipalities. The reason why I wanted to have Dustin on the show is that over the last decade he has built a type of business called a productized service. This sort of business allows you to sell a service like web development in Dustin’s case more or less like a product. This allows it to be easier to scale, more profitable, and more easily automated.

In this episode, Dustin and I discussed the early days of TownWeb and how he found his niche which is building websites for small US municipalities. We talked about what part location arbitrage and remote work have played in building the business and Dustin even shared some of his top tips for hiring great remote workers.

If you are someone currently running a service-based business who wants to implement more systems and automate your business so it continues to run smoothly without your constant input, this is an episode you don’t want to miss.

What You’ll Learn

  • How Dustin got started building websites for clients in the late 90s
  • How Dustin discovered location arbitrage by accident
  • Why Dustin decided to start a job at a tech start-up in Silicon Valley even though he had a business
  • Why Dustin go fired from that start-up after just 30 days and why he finally decided to go all-in on his side hustle
  • How leveraging a relationship with a specific organization was able to help Dustin grow his client list
  • Why Dustin decided to hire a business coach and how that has helped his business
  • How building a strong team has improved the business and Dustin’s life
  • What you need to know about running a location independent business if you are just getting started
  • The process Dustin uses to hire amazing remote workers

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