TRS 037: How to Grow & Sell an 8 Figure Business in 4 Years with Nathan Hirsch from FreeeUp

TRS 037: How to Grow & Sell an 8 Figure Business in 4 Years with Nathan Hirsch from FreeeUp

Today on the podcast I am joined by Nathan Hirsch, the founder of FreeeUp is a premier marketplace for freelancers that only accepts the top 1% of professionals online. Think of it like Upwork but on steroids. Nathan and his partner built FreeeUp from scratch with just $5000 and today, just 4 years later, it is an 8 figure company.

The funny thing about this interview was that from the time that Nathan and I booked our time to chat, to when we actually sat down to record the interview, Nathan achieved another huge milestone, selling FreeeUp. So in this interview, you will hear Nathan discuss his entire journey, what made him and his partner start FreeeUp in the first place, how they built their platform with 0 tech background, how they scaled the business to 8 figures so quickly with little to no advertising, and what it was like selling the business and his mindset after everything was signed and done.

Nathan and I also discussed what makes a great freelancer that charges what their worth and are always booked out, so if you are someone who identifies as a freelancer this is one you’re going to want to listen through to the end.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why Nathan and his partner started FreeeUp
  • How they built the first version of FreeeUp with only $5000
  • What are the benefits for freelancers when working through FreeeUp
  • How FreeeUp ensures that it hires only the top 1% of freelancers
  • Nathan’s top tips for becoming a top freelancer
  • How Nathan and his partner scaled the company to 8 figures in less than 5 years
  • Why you should build a personal brand and how it can help your business
  • What made Nathan and his partner sell FreeeUp
  • What the actual process of selling the business was like and the different steps they needed to take
  • The dark side of selling a business and how to avoid entrepreneurial depression
  • Why Nathan is fully sold on remote work and what the future looks like for remote workers.

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