TRS 040: How To Fly To 125 Countries for Less Than $17 per Flight with Trevor Wright

TRS 040: How To Fly To 125 Countries for Less Than $17 per Flight with Trevor Wright

On today’s episode, I am joined by my friend Trevor Wright from Trevor was introduced to me a few years ago by a mutual friend as “the God of travel” and with that title I knew he was someone I had to meet.

Trevor’s business MileMethod is a one-on-one service that earns each of his clients around one million airline miles and hotel points by gaming the US credit card signup bonuses. This is a completely personalized process in order to avoid missing out on thousands of dollars of travel.

Trevor has been using this system himself for more than 10 years and over that time has averaged less than $17 per flight to over 125 countries, all while staying in luxury hotels on every continent for free! If you are someone who loves to travel, trust me, this is not an episode you want to miss.

What You’ll Learn

  • How Trevor got involved in credit card points
  • Why the order in which you apply for credit cards is so important
  • How Trevor gets his clients with no marketing
  • The myths about credit we’ve been taught holding us back
  • How to pay rent, mortgage, and student loans with a credit card

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