TRS 041: How The California AB5 Law Could Affect Your Online Business with Emily Baker

TRS 041: How The California AB5 Law Could Affect Your Online Business with Emily Baker

Today on the podcast I am joined by Emily Baker a badass lawyer for online businesses. Emily is a 15 year veteran of the legal field, a former Deputy District Attorney, and has run multi seven-figure businesses with her husband and in that time has seen it all. With that experience, she helps her clients create common-sense legal protection which is something we all need as business owners.

I wanted to have Emily on the show because as a California based lawyer for online businesses she has become intimately familiar with a new law the State of California passed called AB5.

This law has been causing a lot of issues in California because it affects the way that businesses work with contractors and freelancers, forcing businesses to adopt those professionals as full employees. Now just because you maybe don’t live in California doesn’t mean that this doesn’t affect you, because several other states are crafting bills just like this one so chances are that sooner or later you will bump into this.

Emily and I covered a lot of ground on this extremely important topic. We talked about what AB5 actually is and why it was passed, why freelancer writers are getting hit especially hard by this law, how AB5 applies to people working through Upwork, and what you can do protect your business.

Legal matters may not be the sexiest thing to talk about but they are incredibly important so this is definitely an episode you want to listen to all the way through. I jotted down tons of notes and have been taking action to get my business even more legit.

What You’ll Learn

  • How Emily ended up becoming a lawyer specializing in online business
  • The connection between online business and art crimes that get Emily and I pumped
  • What the new AB5 law in California is and what it means for contractors and remote businesses
  • What this legal precedent means for the future of the gig economy like Uber and Upwork
  • Why freelance writers are getting hit especially hard from the AB5 law and how that can affect niche website owners
  • How the AB5 law applies to hiring freelancers on Upwork
  • Why business to business may not be the ultimate loophole for AB5
  • How the government will likely enforce this and why you are not necessarily safe even if you don’t do millions of dollars in revenue
  • How to protects yourself and your business from the AB5 law, both as freelancer and business owner.

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