TRS 044: Building Starter Story to $8k Per Month in Revenue as a Digital Nomad with Pat Walls

TRS 044: Building Starter Story to $8k Per Month in Revenue as a Digital Nomad with Pat Walls

Today on the podcast we are joined by Pat Walls the founder and CEO of Starter Story and Pigeon CRM. Pat’s story in entrepreneurship begins in 2017 when with very little experience in blogging or starting a business he launched Starter Story, a site dedicated to highlighting the stories of how founders have built their companies. Pat bootstrapped Starter Story on nights and weekends to now earning more than $8k per month and bringing in 140k monthly visitors.

While working on Starter Story Pat decided to solve his own problem of trying to run and organize a business through Gmail so he built Pigeon a CRM for Gmail to help bloggers, freelancers, and salespeople to spend less time on email and land more sales.

Pat is also widely recognized as a leader in the indie hacker community which you will hear more about in the episode and has launched several other side projects most notably The 24 Hour Startup which is the largest streamed online hackathon of all time.

What You’ll Learn

  • How Pat transitioned from being a corporate accountant to a software developer in just 3 months
  • Where does passion fit into Pat’s entrepreneurial process
  • How a viral post on Reddit really launched Starter Story just 4 months in
  • How to use Reddit to promote your business the right way
  • How Starter Story is monetized
  • How Pat made a deal with Klaviyo for 2 years of sponsorship
  • Where Pat got the idea for his newest company Pigeon

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