TRS 045: How to Become a Six-Figure Travel Blogger with Kate McCulley

TRS 045: How to Become a Six-Figure Travel Blogger with Kate McCulley

I am very excited because I am joined by my friend Kate McCulley the founder of a blog focused on teaching women how to travel solo safely. Kate started the blog over 10 years ago after she quit her job to travel South East Asia for 6 months and never came back from the trip now having been to over 83 countries. Kate has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Travel Influencers by Forbes Magazine and in 2018 was a Shorty Awards nominee for her covering travel in Social Media.

Kate and I met during my time in Mexico and as one of the top travel bloggers in the world, I had to have her on the show to discuss the realities of travel blogging as a profession. For many this is the dream – you get paid to travel to new and exotic locations and have amazing experiences all over the world, but what is it actually like to be a travel blogger?

In this interview, you will hear Kate’s journey from working a corporate job in advertising to traveling SE Asia for 6 months, how one blog post made her over $4000 per month, how it came crashing down, and how she has now re-engineered her business based on the experience. You will also hear Kate’s top tips for people just getting started as a travel blogger, what you can expect financially from the profession, and how to land those awe-inspiring press trips all over the world.

What You’ll Learn

  • What brought Kate to Merida, Mexico
  • Is Mexico safe for travelers?
  • How Kate got started with blogging all the way back in 2002
  • Kate’s plan for building one of the top travel blogs on the internet
  • How Kate made her first money blogging by selling backlinks
  • How a new terrible job pushed Kate to quit her job and travel for 6 months
  • Kate’s advice for telling your family you are taking a different path
  • How visiting Chiang Mai, Thailand affected Kate’s digital nomad journey and how the city has changed
  • How one blog post started bringing in over $4000 per month in income for Kate
  • How to diversify your income and business as a blogger
  • What your blog needs to have in order to get paid for press trips
  • Kate’s top tips for becoming a travel blogger

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