TRS 048: Building a Location Independent Feminist Agency with Alex Martinez

TRS 048: Building a Location Independent Feminist Agency with Alex Martinez

Today you will hear from Alex Martinez the founder of Rebel Creative, a feminist digital marketing agency focused on helping brands grow and succeed online. Alex has been running her agency online while traveling and working from 3 different continents every year so she knows a thing or two about being a location independent entrepreneur. She is also an accomplished sailor having worked several summers as a first mate on sailboats from Croatia to the Caribbean.

In this interview, Alex talked about why she started her agency and the unique business model behind it, her strategy for finding new high-quality clients through social media, and the realities of working online. I really enjoyed speaking with Alex and I think you guys will find this conversation really helpful especially if you are in the process of building your own online agency.

What You’ll Learn

  • How Alex became her own boss.
  • How remote working can save time and resources for businesses.
  • How you can find clients through social media groups.
  • How Alex empowers women entrepreneurs through her business.
  • The potential challenges of working remotely.
  • Tips on figuring out your work efficiency and scheduling your time.
  • How Alex got involved in sailing, working offline, and getting work done whilst in a boat.
  • Why remote working is so beneficial to developers.

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