TRS 005: How Virtual Reality will Affect Remote Work with Lily Snyder

TRS 005: How Virtual Reality will Affect Remote Work with Lily Snyder

In this episode of That Remote Show, I speak with Lily Snyder the co-founder of Rumii, the leading virtual reality meeting, collaboration and conferencing software for remote teams. We talk about how she got started in VR without knowing anything about the space, the lessons she learned that made her a successful remote worker, and how virtual reality could change the remote work scene.

You can find Lily at her website and on Twitter at @lilyotron

What You’ll Learn

  • How Lily got introduced to remote work in her first job
  • The strategies Lily learned from her superiors that quickly made her a successful remote worker
  • Why communication is so important in a remote work environment
  • How Lily helped cofound a virtual reality company without knowing anything about virtual reality
  • What Lily’s first experience of virtual reality was like
  • The processes that DogHead Simulations put in place in their remote company to keep things moving forward
  • Why Lily and her team decided to build Rumii – their VR solution for remote workers
  • How virtual reality will help bring remote work to more industries
  • How Rumii works to help bring remote teams together
  • Could virtual reality have a negative impact on remote work?
  • How virtual reality could affect the remote work space
  • How virtual reality can help reduce the feeling of loneliness in remote work
  • What is the difference between AR, MR, and VR
  • How Virtual Reality will impact digital nomads and cowering spaces

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