TRS 053: The Future of Urban Mobility, Smart Cities and Travel with Dr. Boyd Cohen Ph.D

TRS 053: The Future of Urban Mobility, Smart Cities and Travel with Dr. Boyd Cohen Ph.D

Today on the podcast I am joined by Dr. Boyd Cohen, the founder of Iomob and the author of Emergence of The Urban Entrepreneur. Boyd obtained his Ph.D. in strategy and entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado in 2001. Since then he has balanced academic and entrepreneurial pursuits in the Americas and Europe.

After moving to Barcelona in 2015 Boyd left academia behind and co-founded Iomob, a Mobility as a Service solution offered to major public and private transportation and travel industry organizations. Essentially Iomob enables cities and large transport companies to create solutions connecting buses, trains, cars, bikes, scooters, and other mobility options together. Travelers can find any service, see how it will take them to their destination, compare and combine options, and pay… in any participating App.

This was extremely interesting to me since as a frequent traveler I have tons of different mobility apps on my phone, from Uber and Lyft to Bird, Lime, more than plenty airline apps, and all of that doesn’t even factor in the mobile apps for specific countries where Uber, for example, may not be available, but a local alternative is.

I had a lot of fun talking with Boyd and we discussed a ton of interesting topics like why he decided to start Iomob, Smart Cities, Urban Mobility, and what he thinks the future of all of this looks like.

What You’ll Learn

  • Life in Barcelona, Spain during COVID-19 
  • Why Boyd decided to start his company Iomob
  • How Iomob is making mobility easier for digital nomads and travelers
  • Boyd’s thoughts on remote work
  • Possible business benefits due to self-isolation
  • What is a Smart City
  • What makes a city a “smart city” and how we can help as citizens
  • Best “smart cities” around the world

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