TRS 055: Building From Armenia to Silicon Valley and Back with Davit Baghdasaryan

TRS 055: Building From Armenia to Silicon Valley and Back with Davit Baghdasaryan

Today on the podcast I am joined by Davit Baghdasaryan, the co-founder and CEO of Krisp which is one of my new favorite tools. If you haven’t heard of Krisp before it is a software that uses AI to filter out background noise while you are on a call. EXAMPLE At first I was pretty skeptical but decided to give it a try and was absolutely amazed by how well it worked. I tried it out

We discuss why he moved to Silicon Valley from Armenia, how Davit came up with the idea for Krisp and what his experience growing a start up in the Silicon Valley VC world was like. Davit also shared what he believes to be the top thing a company needs to do to run smoothly. We also got to chat about Davit’s home country or Armenia and what it’s like to live and run a business from there and to be honest it sounds pretty awesome and I certainly look forward to checking it out once we can travel again.

What You’ll Learn

  • Some of the cool, new features of Krisp.
  • Where the idea of Krisp came from.
  • David’s tips on working with a co-founder.
  • Tips in attracting top talent.
  • How being an immigrant has affected starting a business for David Baghasryan.
  • The benefits of building a company in a remote setting.
  • Reasons people are attracted to Armenia.

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