TRS 060: Complete Guide to Upwork for Location Independence with Steph Danforth

Today is Deep Dive Thursday which means that we get to go deep on a specific topic related to the location independent lifestyle and online business. In today’s episode, I decided to bring on Steph Danforth the founder of SD Studio to talk about something that many of us are familiar with but few utilize properly, and that’s Upwork.

So many people get started with remote work by offering their services on Upwork but few are able to build truly sustainable businesses on the platform, and that’s exactly what Steph and I discussed in this episode. Steph has been working through Upwork as a web developer and designer for over 5 years back when Upwork didn’t exist and was actually two different websites so she knows a thing or two about how to run a successful business on the platform. We covered everything from how to build a winning profile, how to get your first client quickly, how to scale your businesses so you are not just another low paid Upwork talent, and we even discussed how Steph plans her days in order to manage multiple clients and projects.

I honestly think this could be one of the most important episodes we’ve ever recorded because of how life-changing figuring out Upwork can be. It is a platform with thousands of opportunities waiting for you that can take you from a 9 to 5 worker to a location independent freelancers in a relatively short amount of time.

What You’ll Learn

  • What being in Thailand is like during the Covid-19 outbreak.
  • How to run a successful business using Upwork.
  • How to build a winning profile.
  • How to get your first client quickly.
  • How to scale your business.
  • The steps Steph took to make her first online business sustainable.
  • How you price/value yourself as a Freelancer.
  • How to destress from mistakes or negative situations with clients.
  • Top tips for working at home and following a routine.
  • How to manage your schedule; which client to work for and when.
  • Finding opportunities on Upwork.
  • What working as a Freelancer on Upwork means.
  • Top 3 tips for those struggling to become a top earner on Upwork.

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