TRS 061: The Secrets to Hiring, Managing and Empowering Remote Teams with Mads Singers

Today on the podcast I am joined by Mads Singers. Mads has more than 10 years of experience in Fortune 500 companies, such as Xerox, IBM, and Coca-Cola, and more than 7 years of experience coaching and consulting online entrepreneurs.

Currently, he owns and operates 3 different companies managing over 100 people. With all this experience in management, I wanted to have Mads on to talk about how to manage remote teams, and Mads came in swinging. This may be one of the most educational episodes we’ve ever had on this podcast on the topic of management, hiring, and operations of a location independent company. If you currently manage a remote team or plan to hire remote workers in the future this is a must-listen episode and I think you guys are going to walk away with a ton of great info just like I did.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to successfully manage remote teams.
  • What is happening in Vietnam during the pandemic.
  • How Mads got involved working with such big companies like Shell, Coca Cola, and IBM.
  • How to be a successful  manager, and engage your colleagues to be excited to work.
  • Advice for hiring talented people remotely.
  • The difference between company culture and company values.
  • The difference between coaching and managing, and which one a successful company owner does.

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