TRL 063: The Stairstep Approach to Building a Location Independent Service Business

In this video and episode of That Remote Life Podcast I discuss how to use Rob Walling’s Stairstep Approach to bootstrapping a product business in order to build a location independent service business.

You can listen to the audio version or check out the full video below. I have also taken out the main points from the discussion and broken them down in text below those.

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The Stairstep Approach for Location Independent Service Businesses:

Step 1: Discovery

  • Transition mindset from employee to freelancer or consultant
  • Decide what service you want to offer
  • Good place to start – what do you get paid to do at your current job?
  • Use to nail down your offer and service

Step 2: Double-Down

  • Settle into your service and begin offering only that
  • Niche down WHO you are providing that service to in order to reduce variables and improve scalability (more on this later).
  • Focus on free acquisition channels for new clients since you likely have a low LTV (lifetime value) of client
  • Allow some customization from client to client in order to better understand your niche needs.
  • Bring someone on to deliver the service you are being paid for, not for admin work.

Step 3: Productized Service

  • Use gathered knowledge about your niche to package service as a product.
  • Develop a recurring model if you haven’t done so already.
  • Possibly invest in paid acquisition of customers due to higher LTF of the customer (thanks to recurring model and productization).
  • Not delivering service yourself, fully remove yourself from product and focus on “designing” business.

Step 4: Product (Rob Walling Overlap)

  • Using developed IP (Intelectual Property) in the space create a product to answer a specific pain point for your niche.
  • Examples of products derived from your service:
    • Courses
    • Membership Training
    • Physical products
    • Software
    • Plug-ins.
    • Etc.

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