TRL 064: Chili Piper: From Idea to Fully Remote and $5M ARR with Nicolas Vandenberghe

Today on the podcast I am joined by Nicolas Vandenberghe a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Chili Piper a fully distributed company with over 40 employees spread out across 35 different cities and 15 countries. Chili Piper is focused on reinventing the system of action for sales professionals to provide them with new levels of productivity and job satisfaction and works with some of the most recognizable companies today like AirBnB, Square, and Intuit. This is also not Nicolas’ first time building a successful software company because over the last 20 years he has built 3 other tech companies with exits from all 3 so it’s safe to say that Nicolas understands the entrepreneurial journey inside and out.

I had a lot of fun speaking with Nicolas and we discussed how attending a speech by Steve Jobs inspired him to jump into the world of entrepreneurship, why he decided to build a fully distributed company and why he believes it’s such a powerful edge, and he also shared some tips for up and coming entrepreneurs on launching startups, bootstrapping vs taking VC money, and managing a remote team.

What You’ll Learn

  • How attending a speech by Steve Jobs inspired him to jump into the world of entrepreneurship.
  • Why Nicholas decided to build a fully distributed company.
  • Tips Nicholas has for up-and-coming entrepreneurs on launching startups.
  • Bootstrapping vs. taking VC money.
  • Tips for managing a remote team.
  • The importance of product-market fit.
  • The reasons Nicholas started Chili Piper.
  • The benefits of building a company and working remotely.
  • The benefits of working with a partner in the same business.
  • The best time to take out funding for a business, if necessary.

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