TRS 007: Building a 6-Figure Social Media Agency While Traveling with Joe Anderton

TRS 007: Building a 6-Figure Social Media Agency While Traveling with Joe Anderton

In this episode of That Remote Show we are joined by Joe Anderton, the co-founder of The Wandering a fully remote social media agency in the food and beverage industry. We talk about the lessons he’s learned in building his agency, acquiring clients while on the road, and how to build a team of awesome people from all over the world. Joe can be found on Instagram as @worksmarttravelhard where he has almost 30,000 followers and in this interview, he also shared his tips for those looking to grow their following on Instagram.

What You’ll Learn

  • How a chance work call tuned into Joe’s first social media client
  • The lessons Joe learned working at Skinny Pop that helped him grow his social media company
  • What makes a successful brand
  • Why Joe quit his awesome job to travel
  • How Joe’s travels affected the way he built The Wandering Socialites
  • How Joe and Jackie came up with the name of their company
  • How Joe and Jackie used industry trade shows to gain their first clients
  • How they use freelancers throughout the country to create content for their clients
  • Why remote freelancing can allow people to make a higher quality product
  • How Joe and Jackie used Instagram to find new photographers for their company
  • How they have structured the company internally in order for it to run smoothly even though the entire team is distributed
  • Why you should pick a niche when trying to grow your Instagram
  • How to take a great picture for Instagram

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