TRL 078: Why You Need Dual Citizenship and How to Get Your First One with Andrew Henderson

Today we are joined by a return guest Andrew Henderson from Nomad Capitalist who was first on the show way back on episode 31. Andrew is an offshore banking expert and helps high net worth individuals acquire dual citizenship and go where they are treated best.

I wanted to have Andrew back on the podcast for a Deep Dive Thursday edition to go more in-depth on a topic that I think is very important and that is dual citizenship. In this conversation, you will hear why Andrew and I think having dual citizenship is so important, the easiest ways to get your first second citizenship along with a few different ways to do that, and some of the best countries to get those second citizenship from.


What You’ll Learn

  • Why you should get dual citizenship.
  • The easiest ways to get your first dual citizenship.
  • The many ways to get dual citizenship.
  • When the best time to get dual citizenship is.
  • Some of the BEST countries to get those second citizenships from.
  • Opening up a Bank account in a different country.
  • What a “freelancers” visa is.

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