TRS 008: How Meditation Can Help You and Your Business Flourish with Bri Seeley

TRS 008: How Meditation Can Help You and Your Business Flourish with Bri Seeley

Today on the podcast I have Bri Seeley, a life and business coach who has helped hundreds of people evolve out of the life they’ve been living and open the door to the incredible future waiting for them. She has been featured in places like Huffington Post, Forbes, Inc and even The Today Show.

And in this conversation we got to dive into several really interesting topics. We talked about why meditation is so beneficial and why everyone should develop a meditation practice. We talked about how Bri has been able to get her story and business featured in dozens of places like the ones you just heard me mention and we also talk about how you can build up your “mental immune system” so that you don’t slip into depression when you are experiencing tough times.

What You’ll Learn

  • How Bri got started in the fashion industry
  • How studying abroad in Italy for 2 years affected Bri
  • How Bri transitioned from being a fashion designer to becoming a personal coach
  • How Bri’s day job which she hared helped her launch her coaching business
  • Why everyone should develop a meditation practice
  • How meditation has helped Bri build her business
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid to be yourself in your business
  • How Bri learned to pitch herself and her business during a fashion bootcamp
  • How to pitch your business to publications and TV stations for exposure
  • The difference between a pitch and press release
  • How to build dup your mental strength to avoid depression as an entrepreneur and remote worker
  • Why it’s important to find people with similar goals and surround yourself with them
  • What is a life coaching experience with Bri like


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