TRL 083: Becoming RV Digital Nomads with Ian and Caroline

Today on the podcast I am joined by my good friends Ian and Caroline from Life Nomading. They have both been on the podcast before separately, however, I wanted to have them on today together to talk about their newest adventure – full time RVing.

In this episode, you will hear about how the COVID pandemic “inspired” Ian and Caroline to buy an RV and live out if full time. What it’s like to be a remote worker and live in an RV, and Ian and Caroline also shared tons of tips and suggestions for full-time RV living as digital nomads such as the best way to get WiFi, how to design you RV office, and much much more.

Before and After image of Ian and Caroline’s RV


What You’ll Learn

  • Why they decided to start living in an RV full time
  • How to pick the right RV for you
  • Mistakes to look out for when buying your first RV
  • Cost of living in an RV compared to normal living
  • How to find good campgrounds
  • The best WiFi for RVers
  • How to modify RV life for digital nomads
  • Benefits of having an RV during COVID-19

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