TRL 086: Phil Libin Founder of Evernote on Launching mmhmm, Remote Work, and The Future of Work Post-COVID

Today on the podcast we are joined by Phil Libin the co-founder and CEO of​ ​All Turtles​ and ​mmhmm​. Phil started All Turtles in 2017 to create products that address real-world problems using cutting-edge technology. When COVID forced businesses to move to use video on a daily basis they decide to make their newest app mmhmm in order to make video communication more clear and compelling.

Prior to All Turtles and mmhmm, Phil was the co-founder and CEO of the popular app Evernote, growing the product to hundreds of millions of users under his leaders.

During this interview, Phil and I got to discuss what made him and his team create mmhmm and why they are positioning it to be a game-changing app in a video call business world. We also discussed his thoughts on where life, the economy, and working is headed post-COVID and why calling yourself a “remote worker” will be obsolete in a decade.

I had a lot of fun and I honestly learned a lot during this conversation and I think you will as well.

What You’ll Learn

  • What were the top three lessons learned whilst being the CEO of Evernote?
  • Does being an entrepreneur become easier over time?
  • What is Mmhmm
  • How Phil came up with the idea for Mmhmm?
  • Where does Phil see the future of the Silicon Valley going?
  • What is the future of remote working?
  • What makes a question good?

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