TRL 088: From Financial Independence & Early Retirement to Digital Nomad with Eric Richard

Today on the podcast I am joined by Eric Richard, the founder and host of Nomad on FIRE a podcast focused on the intersection of the digital nomad and FIRE (or Financial Independence, Retire Early) movements. Eric first heard about the concept of FIRE in 2015 and by July 2015 achieved what is referred to in the space as leanFIRE.

After achieving FIRE Eric decided to sell all his possessions and get rid of his apartment in order to live as a digital nomad. In this interview, Eric and I talked about what exactly FIRE is and how he was able to achieve it in 4 years earning a regular salary when it takes most people decades to reach financial independence. We also discussed his experience living as a digital nomad and his advice for nomads who want to reach financial independence.

What You’ll Learn

  • What does financial independence mean?

  • The difference between “lean” FIRE and “fat” FIRE.

  • How Eric achieved FIRE in just 3 short years

  • Why Eric decided to become a digital nomad after achieving FIRE
  • Good tools or systems for managing finances?

  • Eric’s thoughts on Crypto currency

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