TRS 009: How to Build a Business & Travel The World for Free with Travis Sherry

TRS 009: How to Build a Business & Travel The World for Free with Travis Sherry

Today on the podcast I am super pumped to be speaking with Travis Sherry the founder of Extra Pack of Peanuts, a blog and podcast that teaches you how to travel more while spending less. Since starting the Extra Pack of Peanuts podcast in 2013 it has gone on to have millions of downloads and become one of the top travel podcasts on iTunes. Travis is also the founder of Location Indie, an online community for location independent entrepreneurs, and The Paradise Pack, an annual bundle sale of the top travel and business courses.

This was seriously one of the most information packed interviews to date. We talked about how Travis started Extra Pack of Peanuts and how he went from a struggling blogger to a 6 figure earner in just a couple of years and we also talked about some of the trials that many online entrepreneurs experience but few talk about. We also dove into Travis’ huge bank of knowledge when it comes to travel miles. You’ll learn all about how they work, how to start earning miles and fly for free, and a list of some of the best credit cards to start with. Seriously you guys, this is an interview you don’t want to miss.

What You’ll Learn

  • How an internship to Switzerland helped Travis catch the travel bug
  • How Travis learned about travel miles and started Extra Pack of Peanuts
  • How The 4 Hour Work Week helped transform Travis’ ideas into business ideas
  • Why Travis was able to stick with EPOP longer than any of his other ideas
  • Why it’s so important to have “overlap” between your job and your new business
  • The two events that made Travis believe that EPOP was his business and not just a hobby
  • How Travis used forums to launch his affiliate marketing business
  • Why Travis’ income went from $7,000 per month to $0 in one day
  • How a chance encounter at World Domination Summit with another entrepreneur changed the course of Travis’ business
  • The “startup curve” that many people follow 
  • PET: Patience, Experimentation, and Trust
  • The size of Travis’ audience when he started launching products
  • Why it’s important to have an audience for your business even before you monetize it
  • The 10,000 foot view explanation of frequent flyer miles
  • The credit score you need in order to sign up for the best travel miles
  • Why opening a lot of credit cards actually helps your credit score and not hurt it
  • How to make sure you hit your minimum spend on credit cards
  • The best travel credit cards to get


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