TRL 093: Chris The Freelancer Discusses The Digital Nomad Lifestyle & YouTube Storytelling

Today on the podcast I am joined by my friend Chris Dodd or as he is known in the online world Chris The Freelancer. Chris is perhaps best known for his YouTube channel which at the time of this interview has over 77,000 subscribers. Chris has traveled the world making videos focused on the digital nomad lifestyle and creating detailed guides for some of the most popular nomad locations.

During this episode, Chris and I discussed why he decided to become a digital nomad after being an exchange student in the United States, why he started recording his experience and publishing it on YouTube, and what the nomad lifestyle is really like, the good things and the bad.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why Chris decided to become a digital nomad

  • Where did his passion for filmmaking come from?

  • The different types of mindsets as a digital nomad.

  • The biggest negative and positive of being a digital nomad?

  • Hotspots for digital nomads in Australia

  • What makes life ‘interesting’

  • The differences between a fixed and growth mindsets

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