TRL 095: Draper Startup House – The First Hostel Chain for Entrepreneurs & Digital Nomads with Vikram Bharati

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Today on the podcast I am very excited to be joined by Vikram Bharati, the founder of The Draper Startup House previously called Tribe Theory. The Draper Startup house is the first hostel chain designed specifically for entrepreneurs and digital nomads and hopes to help create 1 million entrepreneurs by 2030.

During this interview, Vikram and I discussed why he decided to start Tribe Theory after traveling the world for 2 years as a backpacker, how they’ve been able to grow into a global brand with locations in Asia, America, and Europe, and why creating more global entrepreneurs is so important to them.

We also got to discuss the general state of the digital nomad movement, why entrepreneurial skills are going to be so important in the future, and why they should be taught in school, and we talked about some of the opportunities that Vikram sees in a post-COVID remote work focused world

What You’ll Learn

  • What it’s like traveling solo for the first time?
  • What is Tribe Theory / Draper Startupp House?
  • Why Vikram started Tribe Theory
  • Qualities and traits that can make you a better entrepreneur.
  • What is the backpacking culture?
  • Draper Startup House locations
  • How to visit Draper Startup House
  • What does the future look like for digital nomads?
  • What are some new opportunities coming within the next 10 years for entrepreneurs?
  • Why entrepreneurial skills should be taught in schools.

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