TRL 099: Managing Your Money as an Entrepreneur & Bookkeeping Tips with Parker Stevenson from Evolved Finance

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Today on the podcast I am joined by Parker Stevenson the CEO of Evolved Finance a bookkeeping and business education company dedicated to helping online entrepreneurs create profitable and healthy businesses. Parker and I connected online and I invited him on the podcast to discuss bookkeeping which does not get enough coverage when we talk about operating a business but is in fact extremely important in running a successful and profitable business.

During the interview, Parker and I covered lots of important topics like how to keep track of your bookkeeper as a new entrepreneur, why hiring a professional bookkeeper is so important, and specifically how Parker and Evolved Finance are helping online course creators get more control over their businesses. I had a ton of fun talking with Parker and I think you guys are going to get a lot of helpful information from this interview.

What You’ll Learn

  • What is Evolved Finance
  • How Evolved Finance can help create profitable and healthy businesses
  • How to keep track of your bookkeeping as a new entrepreneur
  • Why hiring a professional bookkeeper is so important
  • How Parker and Evolve Finance are helping online course creators get more control over their businesses
  • How being in a band helped shaped Parker’s entrepreneurship skills.
  • Why Parker decided to pursue entrepreneurship over his music career
  • How Parker got involved in the bookkeeping business 
  • How to negotiate your entry into a current business as a partner
  • Pros and cons of having business partners
  • How to separate and maintain friendship vs. business
  • Why self-awareness is incredibly important in business communication and collaboration.
  • At what point should a business hire a bookkeeper
  • What are the 3 essential things to keep track of when starting a business?
  • Why separating your personal and business finance is so important
  • The importance of getting an accountant as early as possible
  • Healthy vs unhealthy business expense percentages
  • Getting loans as an entrepreneur

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