TRL 108: Tynan – The Most Interesting Man in the World on Creating a Limitless Financial Runway, Buying an Island, and Living an Extraordinary Life

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Today I am super excited to be joined on the podcast by someone who once installed a swimming pool in his apartment to house his pet penguin, and the only person I know that owns a private island, and that’s Tynan.

Tynan was first introduced to me as someone who would certainly be in the running for the most interesting man in the world, and I think you can understand why just from that short intro. I believe that we all have dreams of doing amazing things, whether that’s buying an island, or quitting your job to travel the world full time, yet most people don’t actually pursue these dreams instead just fantasize about them on their commute to work, and that’s exactly what I wanted to talk with Tynan about – how can he afford to live such an amazing lifestyle, and what separates him from the rest of us in terms of how he views his life and dreams.

During this interview, you are also going to learn why Tynan thinks you should most likely learn to play poker, why living frugally is so important, and the formula Tynan has used to purchase properties all over the world with his friends.

What You’ll Learn

  • How and why Tynan tried to buy a penguin as a pet
  • Why Tynan decided to drop out of college and how it started his gambling career
  • What business lessons Tynan learned from his gambling & pick up days
  • Why understanding probabilities and risk assessment will put you in the top percentage of performers
  • How to dramatically improve your risk assessment
  • Tynan’s day-to-day life and a breakdown of his business
  • How Tynan was able to stop working full time by his early 30s
  • Why you don’t need a lot of money to live the life of your dreams
  • How Tynan bought an island with his friends and used the same formula to buy properties all over the world
  • How to separate your thinking from the herd in order to create an incredible life

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