TRS 006: The Top Emerging Digital Nomad Hotspots with Nate Hake from

TRS 006: The Top Emerging Digital Nomad Hotspots with Nate Hake from

On this episode of That Remote Show I speak with Nate Hake from to find out what the top digital nomad hotspots are. We also talk about how he launched his blog which is one of the fastest growing travel blogs on the internet and how he launched a software company while never stopping his travels.

What You’ll Learn

  • The crazy Disney story that inspired the name for
  • How Nate went from working as a trial lawyer to traveling around the world
  • How Nate started a museum software company on the road
  • The differences between running a software company and a travel blog
  • The top 5 emerging digital nomad hotspots and the cost of living there
  • Nate’s favorite country in the world
  • Why Mexico’s trendiest city is possibly the best place to establish yourself as a digital nomad
  • Why South and Central America is a great part of the world for digital nomads
  • How basing yourself in non-Schengen countries can double your allowed time in Europe
  • Why Kyiv, Ukraine may be the best place in Europe for nomads seeking great night life
  • A few different ways to get cheap long term rentals when on the move
  • The easiest and cheapest way to get around Southeast Asia
  • Why now is the best time to go to Belgrade

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